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Nightshade, Prologue April 29, 2014

Posted by Mrs Flipphead in books, family, Favorite Authors, My Favorite Blogs, writing.

My New, New Favorite Author!  This is the first publicly published work of my niece and I must say, I am very proud!


November 23rd
Petra Beckford woke with a start. “Aunt Allie?” She whispered timidly. Only the cold hour before dawn answered her.

      A feeling hit her, an instinctive knowing. Something was wrong. Petra ran to her door and threw it open. She looked at her aunt’s bedroom door.

     It was open, revealing an empty bed.

     Fear gripped her. Whatever was wrong involved her aunt.

      “Aunt Allie!” Petra cried, stumbling in her haste to reach the stairs. She stumbled several times climbing up the stairs.

       The living room was mercifully empty, as were the kitchen and laundry room. She crossed the entryway to the library. A gruesome sight met her at the door.

        Allie Alquist lay in a heap, her eyes wide open, a look of terror frozen on her pale features. Her lips…

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