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STRESSED OUT!!!!! November 15, 2007

Posted by Mrs Flipphead in blogging.

I am stressed to the max.  I am taking over another person’s work while she is out on maternity leave.  My boss spread around some of my work to other people to alleviate the workload, but while I am trying to keep her stuff up to date so she won’t be behind when she gets back, my own work is suffering.  I hope I can keep up. 

If I can’t get caught up this weekend, I am going to my boss to ask for help.  I know she will get other people to help chip in, because that’s the kind of place I work for.  So I’m not jump off a bridge stressed—yet.


1. WalksFarWoman - November 15, 2007

Mrs F – I hope you’re getting double the salary! I don’t know how they can expect you to do your job – and someone else’s. Please don’t get stressed, it isn’t worth it. Rational what you can comfortably do and and let your boss worry about the rest. You don’t want to start buying wrinkle cream! 🙂

2. Dawn - November 16, 2007

or vodka lunches.. hang in there, and as my yoga instructor says – you can always breathe…

3. Mrs Flipphead - November 16, 2007

WFW-Her job isn’t full time and it’s winding down from the busiest time of the year for her position. They also took away some of my match support work and spread it out among the other match support people. If I go to my boss and tell her it’s too much, everyone will pitch in to help me get caught up. It’s really a great place to work.

Dawn-Vodka lunches. Hmmm. That might make it harder to get stuff done though. I’ll have to just keep breathing.

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