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Chocolate…finally something good, proven good for you. October 9, 2007

Posted by Mrs Flipphead in Chocoholics, John Tesh, Random Observations, Things that **** me off!.

I was listening to the John Tesh radio show (yes, yes, I know…oh, shut up!)  Anyway…He read some study or other about how by simply eating 30 calories worth of dark chocolate every day, you can lower your blood pressure.

 My response to that is:  “Well, that’s just fricken great!  Tell me chocolate is good for me and then tell me 30 CALORIES worth?!  Are you kidding me with this?  What is that?  Something like 3 chocolate chips?  Why don’t you just tell a heroin addict they can have as much as they want and then slap them in detox!  ‘Psych!  Just kidding!'”

 I really hate John Tesh right now.  Smug SOB.

Oh, by the way, he was also talking about carrying a sack lunch to work and how much more healthy it is than eating out.  “Granted.”  But then he was giving suggestions for healthy substitutions and mentioned carrots for chips.  “O.k. I’m still with you, I see the crunch factor and I guess I could add the salt.”  Then he says yogurt as the second alternative to chips. “Yogurt?!  What the hell?! How is that any way, shape or form, a substitute for chips?!” Then he proceeds to say they are both a good source of fiber.  “Did I miss a memo here?  When did yogurt become a good source of fiber?”  He didn’t say yogurt with granola or wheat germ or Grape Nuts or some other crunchy roughage crap.  He said, “A container of low fat yogurt”. 

I find this very misleading.  There may be some varieties of yogurt out there with added fiber that I have not, as yet, discovered.  But the last time I picked up my favorite flavor of Dannon.  It said nothing about being a great source of fiber.  Calcium, yes.  Fiber, no.  Help me out here.  Are there some brands of yogurt that have fiber (mind you, he said a “good source” of fiber)?

I’m flying to Indianapolis tomorrow for a conference that my wonderful bosses are paying me to attend.  “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!”  I’m going to drink Bloody Marys and smoke cigars.  Just kidding about the cigars.  I do mean after the conference is done for the day.  I don’t plan on attending the sessions blitzed.  Although….that might make them more interesting….



1. Dawn - October 9, 2007

Bloody Mary’s are PACKED full of goodness!

2. mr. flipphead - October 11, 2007

AND – they make the kids sleep much better when the Mrs. is away!

3. Mrs Flipphead - October 14, 2007

Hi Dawn-I did have a couple Bloody Mary’s the first night! Good Stuff and Good For You! I also had something called a Black and White Martini. I think it should be called Heaven in a Martini glass!

Mr.-Honey, if you could get the older boy to drink a Bloody Mary, more power to you! At least it would be some sort of vegetable substance!

4. Weng - October 15, 2007

I attended an FGD for a yogurt product and they did say that it improves digestion, though they didn’t specifically mention fiber content. Is your yogurt product Danone (a typo perhaps)? I understand that they also have a commercial that says they aid in regular movement. It was a non-english commercial, so it translated differently. Lol.

BTW, I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule, since its the semestral break, so I might be able to post for you all those memes where you’ve tagged me. 🙂

5. ~ Stacy ~ - October 16, 2007

Bloody Mary: I’ve never had one. Don’t they put a stick of celery in the glass? There’s your fiber! And tomatoes have antioxidants and …stuff.

As for the yogurt, I dunno. Fruit has fiber. So if you have fruited yogurt, then I guess it has fiber in it. I do think that some yogurt companies are putting ‘extra’ fiber in their yogurt.

Eh, I get enough fiber in my cereal and toast. Just give me an entire bag of chocolate chips and I’ll be happy.

So, how was the convention? Did you have a good time?

6. zhumba - October 17, 2007

pam param ?

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