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Askimet Idiot June 25, 2007

Posted by Mrs Flipphead in Uncategorized.

O.k. so I have Askimet installed on my blog to catch all of those nasty spam comments.  This is a PG site and most of them seem to be XXX.  It seems to do a really good job of catching those.

Problem is, I have only remembered to check it twice since I started blogging a few months ago.  Askimet deletes your spam comments every 15 days whether you want it to or not, whether you have checked them or not.

I know I found a comment from my best friend in there the first time I checked it.  She’s not a blogger, so I guess it figured she must be a spammer.

But it makes me wonder how many comments from other people who were not spammers have been deleted.  I hope no one commented and then thought I intentionally deleted their comment. 

I wouldn’t do that unless your comment is something I deem inappropriate: 

1-If you disagree with me.

2-If it’s rated R to XXX.

3-If you disagree with me.

 Just kidding!  I would delete comments trying to sell something unsolicited and spam involving sexual content or profanity (only I’m allowed to swear here!) 

But if you have ever commented and your comment has not appeared, e-mail me and I will make sure to de-spam you in Askimet.  I will also try harder to remember to check that dang folder.  It needs to be somewhere more prominent on the dashboard if you ask me.

But maybe I’m just easily distr

Oh, sorry.  I was just thinking about going into town tomorrow.  It’s my sister’s birthday.

 Better go say “Happy Birthday” and see if we can get together for our annual take each other out for our birthdays lunch (she’s the 26th, I’m the 23rd).




1. Ev Nucci - June 26, 2007

Too funny…..I love the…….if you disagree with me!!!! I”m LOL and ROTLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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