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Flickr Widget problem solved!!!! March 18, 2007

Posted by Mrs Flipphead in Uncategorized.

I have looked high and low at the forums here and over at Flickr for the answer to the following problem. When I added the widget, it had nice pics displayed on my page. When I tried to configure the feed so that my pictures displayed instead, it changed the pics to a link to my Flickr page instead of displaying them here. It simply said “More Pictues”.

For some reason, after copying and pasting repeatedly in different ways to no avail, I tried deleting the “http://” from the url, which of course meant that when you clicked on the “More Pictures” link on my sidebar, you got nothing–just routed right back to my blog. So I went back to the widget and put the “http://” back into the url. Not by re-copying the whole thing mind you, but by actually clicking on what I already had pasted in there and typing in “http://”, then closing that box, saving my changes and voila! All of a sudden it worked.

Now if I could only post a topic over at Flickr (I tried and got an “Ooops! Looks like you clicked on a bad link” message) I would share my newfound knowledge with the other poor souls who have spent hours trying to figure out what the heck they are doing wrong and beating their heads against the same wall I did. When–in fact–it is CLEARLY A BUG!!! I’m thinking it must be a Flickr bug since it was fixed when I deleted and retyped a portion of the url. SOOOOOO irritating. I am going to try to post a thread over there again tomorrow and see if it works then. Apparently feed url’s are not the only bugs they have to work out.

If I am wrong and it was some other thing that was magically corrected by what I did…please enlighten me so I don’t make a similar mistake. I want to spend my time blogging, not messing around with trying to get pictures and such on my sidebar. Thanks!!

UPDATE: Clearly the problem did not stay solved. When I logged in today, it was right back to a single link and the pictures were gone. I give up. I’m just removing the widget.


1. Mr. Fabulous - March 19, 2007

Widget is a funny word. It always makes me giggle.

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