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Separation Anxiety March 16, 2007

Posted by Mrs Flipphead in colic, separation anxiety, sleep problems.

So we’ve encountered a new stage in babyland. Apparently, my 13 month old has some fierce separation anxiety, but only when I am home. He has absolutely no problem with me leaving the house….doesn’t even really seem to notice that I am gone–although he is always happy when I come home.

No, this is something entirely different. Apparently, when I am home I must remain in the same room as him at all times. And he really freaks out if I sit down at the computer. This is why I haven’t blogged much in the past week or so. If I leave the room, he stands at the baby gate and wails. If I sit down at the computer, the wails turn to angry shrieks. This is very bad since I have to work from home a few hours per week and my work involves calling clients. Very hard to sound professional with a screaming banshee in the background. Tends to freak people out.

I am hoping that this won’t be a lengthy stage. My first child did not go through this stage at all. His separation anxiety was more of the typical variety where he cried for a while any time I left the house or with my mom or sister for babysitting. His stage didn’t last long. I hope this doesn’t mean this stage will go on forever with younger son.

So far they have been opposite in every way. Older son slept all the time. He took two naps each day (two to three hours apeice). Younger son had colic and NEVER sleeps. There are numerous other ways they are opposites, but the sleep thing is the most obvious.

My four year old was sleeping through the night at four months old and sleeping at least 12-14 hours per night. I could put him in his crib awake, kiss him goodnight and leave the room and he would fall asleep on his own.

My 13 month old won’t sleep longer than about a four hour stretch and then, not every night. If I am lucky, he will sleep 10 hours at night (waking up every 2-4 hours) and he might take one hour long nap during the day. I could get him to take a second one hour nap, but it takes a lot of jumping through hoops and the end result is that he won’t go to sleep at bedtime and then we struggle for 2-3 hours past his bedtime before he finally drops off. He fights sleep like it’s a survival instinct.

Speaking of sleep…I’m going to drop off myself if I don’t end this now. Happy dreams!


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